Larmandier-Bernier "Les Chemins d'Avize" Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2015

 Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay

A deep, elegant wine. This wine calls for a great dish such as delicately roasted lobster

Originating from our two vieilles vignes vineyards in the heart of Avize and the latest of our singular Champagnes, this distinguished cuvée should be tasted on “alone-together” occasions….

LES CHEMINS D’AVIZE has arrived to complete the range of singular (single-parcel) Champagnes. This approach began back in 1988 with Vieille Vigne de Cramant, continued in 1995 with Terre de Vertus and in 1999 with le Rosé de Saignée.

Pierre and Sophie had known for a long time that the terroir of Avize deserved a singular cuvée. It was in 2009, thanks to the acquisition of a small press, that these two parcels were separated. They are situated in the heart of the village of Avize on the parcels named “Chemin de Plivot and “Chemin de Flavigny”.

It is from the soil here – very poor, with the chalk outcropping – that the 50-year-old vines derive delicate floral characteristics and a unique mineral density.