Saucisson Sec - Maison Duculty.

Saucisson Sec Maison Duculty (300g). 

Since 1816, the Duculty family has transmitted, from father to son, the authentic production of dry sausage, based on the quality of the pork, but also and above all on an unchanging recipe and an exceptional quality of maturing, thanks to the pure air of the Pilat Regional Park.

The dry sausage is the speciality of Maison Duculty. This flagship product has been able to pass through the ages while preserving what has made it successful over the years. High quality meat, fresh and pure pork, recipe without colouring agents, natural gut and wild flower.

Ingredients: Fresh and regional pork meat, salt, sugars, spice (pepper), aromatic plant (garlic), ferments.
Preservative: potassium nitrate (residual dose (once the product is dry): 0.003 grams/kg).
Natural pork casing.