Hamper: Edmond Briottet "Crème de Framboise" and "Pêche de vigne".

Discover our hamper Edmond Briottet with a duo of "Crème de Framboise" and "Pêche de vigne".

For the aperitif, choose Briottet products! Simple Cocktail Idea: The "Kir Royal" (2cl of "Crème de Framboise" or "Pêche de vigne" and 15cl of Cremant de Bourgogne). 

What's inside?

"Crème de Framboise" 75cl x1.

"Pêche de vigne" 75cl x1.

Crème de Framboise:

Briottet’s Raspberry liqueur is made by macerating raspberries.
The raspberries are soaked in a water-alcohol solution for a minimum period of two months. This enables all the finesse of the small berries to be extracted.
White sugar is then added to the infusion obtained and this elegant Raspberry liqueur is the result.

Pêche de vigne:

A peach liqueur from the fruit experts of Briottet, using Vine Peaches (Peche de Vigne) rather than regular ones to produce a more complex and aromatic crème de pêche.